Visit the world through contemporary dance

SIDF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, which heavily relies on corporate funding, grants, and personal contributions. Your gift encourages cross-cultural exchange, as well as a deeper understanding and mutual appreciation of different cultures. It creates opportunities for local dance artists by placing their work in the context of national and international contemporaries, and invites audiences to take part in dance through interactive events, classes, and performances, both indoors and out, and celebrating the joy of the moving body for all ages.

Support from the community enables the festival to provide opportunities to over 150 local artists and allows audiences access to high-quality artistic work from over 50 local, national, and international dance groups.

The festival is possible because of financial contributions, as well as in-kind donations of studio time, use of private property, and gifts, as well as an enormous effort on behalf of volunteers and the volunteer board of Khambatta Dance Company. The festival has become known internationally, having presented the work of artists from over 25 countries, including from some of the most hard-hit and/or politically unstable regions in the world such as Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Venezuela, and others. Your support is crucial to continuing the mission of the festival and to connect Seattle and the wider audience with the rest of the world through dance, and serve local artists in support of their work in our community.

Support Levels

This support allows us to allocate your donation to the area of most need. It gives us the most flexibility to create our programs.
  • $10 – $49: Friend
  • $50 – $99: Supporter
  • $100 – $199: Sponsor
  • $200 – $499: Benefactor
  • $500 – $999: Angel
  • $1,000 – $4,999: Champion
  • $5,000 – $9,999: Hero/Heroines
  • $10,000 – $25,000: World Changer
  • $25,000+ : Universe Changer

Email Connie Villines for more information.

Current Supporters

Universe Changer: Above  $25,000

Raynier Foundation


World Changers: $10,000-$24,999

Glenn H. Kawasaki Foundation, Case Van Rij, City Arts (In-Kind), 501 Commons (In-Kind)


Heros / Heroines: $5,000-$9,999

Amazon, Vulcan Inc., 4Culture

Champions: $1,000- $4,999

Janice Bristol, Karen & John Helde, Gregory Kusnick, Barbara Lewis, Lorraine Toly, Swiss Consulate, Umpqua Bank, Washington State Arts Commission, WESTAF/National Endowment for the Arts


Angels: $500-$999

Kelli Cochrane, Donald Farrow, Cora Lee Khambatta, Stephen Land, Fisher Qua

Benefactor: $200-$499

Erin Boyt, Walter Eubanks, Catherine & Robert McKee, Anne Derieux, Jean Edelhertz, Becky Forland, Denyse McFadden, Christian Swenson & Abigail Halperin, Przemek Pardyak, Julie Tobiason, Krina Turner & Joshua Skinner

Sponsors: $100-$199

Deborah Cochelin, Alex Crozier-Jackson, Marcia Friedman, Tomasz Gil, Loretta Johnson, Jonathan Lilly, Kori Martodam, Sean McCain, Przemek Pardyak, Martha Rose, Margarita Ruppert, Jeremy Steward, Victoria Watts, Sara Wiseman

Supporters: $50-$99

Damaris Caughlan, Philip Comeau, Siren Hakimi, Drew Kiriazides, James Louie, Soraya Lowry, Melissa McKinney, Karin Stevens Eric Villines, Lenore Waldron, Deborah Wolf

Friends: $15-$49

Karen Bystrom, Pongkhi Bujorbarua, Molly Clifton, Jimmy Cohrssen, Felix Dumeril/Misato Inoue, Ian Howe, Sue Ann Huang, Craig Jacobrown, Sharon Kathleen, Arlene Martin, Daniel Mayer, Karin Stevens, Sara Torres, Sanjay Varma